The Norwegian-born International Artists manager Gunnar Strømsholm has played a significant role in the classical music business throughout his life.

Following graduation in London in film and ballet, Gunnar worked with many famous impresarios and artists and in 2004 founded the annual Casa dei Mezzo Chamber Music Festival at his former home in Crete.

A partner in the famous London-based J. Audrey Ellison Artists' Management organisation for several years, since Mrs Ellison's passing Gunnar has formed Gunnar Management Ltd., representing a select number of outstanding artists: singers, conductors, instrumentalists and composers. Gunnar's ethos lies in building careers step by step, thereby firmly increasing the artist's reputation.

Gunnar Management promotes concerts and festivals internationally, planning media initiatives through valued links with orchestras, venues, festivals, record companies, publications and other major partners within the industry.


A film by Manolis Kritsotakis
Six artists from six different countries (Walter Lassally, Mathew Halpin, Victoria Hislop, Ross Daly, Gunnar Strømsholm and Jannik Weylandt) share their views on why they insist on living in Crete.
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Portrait of Gunnar
Gunnar Strømsholm
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